Smartwatches are high on the list of high-tech holiday gadgets, but as Jordan Edelson of Appetizer Mobile points out, smartwatches are in their infancy and are limited in their features and functionality.

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Jordan Edelson, CEO of Appetizer Mobile talks with AP News about tablets for the holiday season

Description: Electronic gadgets are expected to be big sellers this holiday season. But which tablet is the right tablet? Tech experts say it depends on your needs, and your budget.

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As the holidays fast approach, retailers and ecommerce vendors alike will be rushing to prepare their storefronts, whether electronic or brick and mortar, for a rush of activity. However, as mobile use continues to soar, more and more will turn to the device that’s already in their hand to start their holiday shopping. Rather than looking at gifts or gadgets, today we wanted to look at some characteristics that we as app developers might consider when creating an app for the holidays. Our hope is that this can help lend some insight into what goes into creating an app that’s designed to help users get their perfect gift.

Product Specific-Search

Many gift giving apps center around the idea of shopping and comparing products. As a result, app developers use APIs to tap into major marketplaces like Google Shopping or the Amazon marketplace, and offer users the portals to price products and compare shop between local retailers and major e-tailers. Product-specific search engines also provide the foundation on which apps can help facilitate a better UX, and ultimately a better shopping experience. By indexing and pulling in information from various APIs, app developers can show things like price history, related products, reviews, and suggestions; similarly, users can easily share products on social media.

Tackling Mobile Money: eCommerce, Tax, Transactions and More…     

An app that allows users to purchase suggested gifts and basic shopping needs sounds simple enough, but app developers actually have their work cut out for themselves when it comes to designing and maintaining an app that manages monetary transactions. An app like Karma certainly touches on these difficulties, where a proprietary eCommerce platform was developed just to handle transactions across multiple states, tax codes, shipping, and returns through an app that was designed to be as much a portal for returns and donating to charity as an eCommerce platform.

Leveraging Your Contacts

One thing that rings true about every gift is that it has a recipient. So when designing an app for gift giving, consider how to optimize the way in which users locate their recipients. One way app developers can help improve the way users can give gifts via a mobile device is by leveraging the contacts and networks that are already beneath your fingertips. From using the numbers, social networks, usernames, and email addresses that may dot your Facebook friends, to the actual physical addresses of family, friends, and more importantly, businesses, scraping contact details for information can streamline the UX of a gift-giving app by paving the pathways to a gift’s delivery. Using logins via Facebook, Twitter, GMail, or simply the address book on your phone, app developers can develop keen pathways on how to give gifts in the easiest way possible.

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Looking for a unique and innovative gift for a special someone this year? Jordan Edelson, founder and CEO of Appetizer Mobile, has identified nine highly sought after devices for this holiday season. From tablets to smartphones to innovative new scanners and 3D printers, there are a lot of new gadgets and gizmos to choose from. To help you choose the right gift, Edelson has provided guidance on which devices to give to whom, based on how tech-savvy the recipients are, their interests, age and current collection of devices.

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