chic-sketchThere are plenty of artsy apps that do digital on-the-fly photo manipulation, whether it’s turning something into a watercolor painting or line drawing, but how about an app that actually employs real humans on the other end? Mobile app developer Appetizer Mobile recently announced Chic Sketch, an iOS and Android app designed to connect you with real-life fashion designers to get a custom fashion sketch of yourself.

Chic Sketch is an app for turning a picture of yourself into a fashion illustration that looks those designers’ sketches. It doesn’t manage this by using clever filters and photo-manipulation algorithms, however: there’s actually fashion illustrators waiting in an office, ready to look at your picture and draw a sketch of you on the spot. First, you download the free app. After that, you either take a picture of yourself in-app or choose a picture from your photo library (it has to be a full head-to-toe shot), and upload it to a fashion illustrator. It won’t be instant, of course, since a real person is doing the sketch, but you can check out the quality of the sketches on Chic Sketch’s website.

The catch? It costs $10 per sketch – so choose your photos wisely. There’s also a social element to it with a live gallery feed, allowing you to see other people’s before-and-after sketches. You can also easily share to social media from the app. There are a limited number of fashion illustrators, so in anticipation of users becoming impatient with the process you have the option to upgrade to priority status by paying $5.

You can see examples of the before-and-after sketches on Chic Sketch’s website, and you can also take a look at the work of Chic Sketch’s co-founder and illustrator, Emily Brickel, on her site. Although there are plenty of fashionistas out there, we can’t see everyone flocking to this niche service. However, you can claim to have a very original, trendy selfie, which makes this app unique.

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This Cool New App Turns Your Pictures Into Fashion Sketches

Catherine O'Neill Chic Sketch

Personalized fashion sketches are usually reserved for the Beyoncés and Natalie Portmans of the world. Going to the Oscars, are we? How about a lovely drawing of you in your custom gown? But now a new app called Chic Sketch is bringing artful, customized drawings into the hands of everyone with a smartphone. 

Catherine Oneill Chic Sketch

The image above, of beauty news editor Catherine O'Neill, is the model for the sketch up top. Here’s how it works: Get the free Chic Sketch app from the Apple Store or Google Play and upload a photo of yourself—the service provides suggestions for how to take the best picture. In 24 hours (sometimes less), you’ll receive a sketch drawn by a fashion illustrator. Each piece costs $9.99, and if you want it faster, you can pay a fee to expedite the process.

Here are a few more examples of our editors at work:

Tiffany Reid Chic Sketch

Jen Yee Chic Sketch

Street-style and full-body fashion shots translate the best. But when we submitted the slightly tighter image of O'Neill, we were all impressed by how cool it turned out. The only type of image Chic Sketch isn’t meant for is a close-up head shot, since the app is designed to highlight fashion. Besides that, it can transform just about any picture into an awesome, one-of-a-kind drawing.

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New iPhone App Turns Your Outfits Into Chic Fashion Sketches



Who wouldn't want a fashion sketch of themselves in their best ensemble? And now, you don't have to be Kim Kardashian to get one. Chic Sketch turns your Outfit Of The Day selfie into an awesome, digital fashion sketch. Learn about it here, and start taking your Instagram to another level!

As app developers, our primary contracts tend to come from business owners or entrepreneurs looking to take a concept and put it through to completion. It’s rare that a potential client could bring an idea to the table that may extend all the way up the ladder to the federal government! However, the US government has become increasingly more involved in the app ecosystem, and continues to push out smartphone applications that can provide citizens with faster access to policy, government offices, or apps that simply support government initiatives and their related causes.

Rather than list off apps that exist and have a relationship with the federal government--we’ll leave that to the US Government’s Federal Mobile Applications Directory--instead, today, we wanted to look at the stringent requirements to have your app become a government-sanctioned entity, and take a look at some timely apps that may come in handy.

Tax-App Season

As small businesses and corporations alike begin readying the paperwork for employee W-2s, 1099s, and other tax documents, millions of Americans and employees will begin filing their taxes in anticipation of a tax return. There are a host of independent app solutions that offer consultation on taxes, and can even estimate your return with a minimal amount of information--however, while many of these apps offer security, encryption, and privacy options that make filing via mobile a veritable possibility, perhaps none is as much of a resource or a trusted source as the one that comes from the US Government itself, in the IRS2Go app. This app is a sanctioned IRS mobile application that offers advice on when to file, answers frequently asked questions, and provides the same information you can find via Available on both iTunes and Android, these apps offer the ability to find out how your tax return is making its way through the funnel, and helps keep taxpayers informed about changes in policy or information specific to their return.

A slough of tax apps will continue to vie for the public eye, and it’s probably fair to assume that many will surpass the popularity of the IRS app. However, the ability for an app to accurately estimate a return or the status of a taxpayer’s refund is intrinsically linked to the app’s ability to connect and communicate with the IRS. The federal government is an increasingly interested party when it comes to app development around this time of year!

Health & Healthcare - SDKs for A Better BMI

While President Obama and his push for affordable healthcare has dominated headlines, few have looked at how that has translated to amplifications in app development. By mandating health insurance for a number of American citizens, we are seeing more and more insurers, government organizations, doctors, and more push out apps that are centric to improving health. While this may seem like a direct correlation from the administration’s desire to improve healthcare, it’s far from new.

The US government has a host of apps dedicated specifically to promoting well-being among the population. From apps that focus on quitting tobacco, to apps that focus on healthy swimming, there are several applications developed specifically to adhere to governmental guidelines and policy about health and safety. The Department of Health and Human Services has apps that directly deal with AIDS and other epidemics, The Centers for Disease Control have apps to guide a user through field triage of injured patients, and there are apps that address smoking cessation, the flu, ladder safety, and the fetal alcohol spectrum.  

The influx of mobile apps centered around health, especially with the surrounding conversation on wearables, will no doubt continue at full-steam. However, if a health app is in the works for you or your business, learn how to leverage the government’s resources for an all-encompassing health application.

Getting in with the Feds

The federal government has a number of different branches, departments, services, policies, and agendas, so it’s no surprise that its involvement with the app development world doesn’t always come from the top. Instead, many of its citizens can partake in the creation of a bespoke app for the federal government. In order to have a government app, citizens must provide their OMB MAX ID, which can be acquired with a government email address. Those citizens with a valid .gov, .mil, or email address can submit their app for inclusion in the Federal Government’s Mobile Application Database. This also gives the user access to the Federal Mobile Products API, ensuring that you have access to the documents, resources, and information you need to ensure your app is well-tested and government-approved.

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